ASCA stockdog trials @ the JJ Ranch

Half September where the last ASCA trials in the Netherlands. I entered Keevah one day in the stockdog trials and one day in the farm trials.12038213_1032399523477758_6621899688997221522_n
The first day was Friday. These where the arena trials.
Open ducks in the AM a 66 because I crossed the line. In the PM a 96 with a 3rd place.
Open sheep. In the AM a 88 with a second place. In the PM a 102 with a second place.
Open cattle in the AM a 64 with a second place. In the PM a 90 with a second place.
AM was F course. PM was A course.
Tuesday we did farm trials.
Ducks a Q with 103 points and a third place.
Sheep a Q with 120 points and a second place.
Cattle NQ with 60 points. It was a bit of a rodeo the cattle farm trial. But we had fun.

Proud on the little girly. Keevah now has her open titles on ducks sheep and cattle and her first legs in open farm trial on ducks sheep and cattle. More fun next year in trialing. I will not compete in the MVA, but we sure will do herding and maybe her agility debut!