A way to late update

It has been a while since I was active on my website. Lots have changed. The girls, cows and me have moved to a new place. Very close to the German border in the province of Groningen.
The cows are next to my miniature house. What is very easy and practical. As soon as the boy calves are gone I will start working them again with the dogs.

I also found a new place to teach agility, at a students home, who has an outdoor horse arena.

Stella her leg has healed completely but still not good enough for competitive sports. So no more agility for her. We will try herding in good conditions and a calm pace. We started tracking lessons end of last year. Stella loves tracking and it is a good exercise for her leg.

Keevah has an agility break for a few months. She has a lot of hormonal problems and this means I will have her spayed. She is off her game for 3 months after each heat period, what is way too long for me.

Blizz is still happy Blizz, loving everything we do, helping me with a lot and loves to snuggle on the couch. Really enjoying her older days.