DWAS spring trial

Last week where the ASCA trials in the Netherlands, organized by DWAS. It was MVA again this year, but we only competed in the farm trials. I also competed in agility, but not with Keevah, but with Gee her aunt and Jojo, not related but also from the same breeder. Agility was fun, Gee and Jojo are amazing dogs and I had a lot fo fun running with them. We did train on Tuesday for 5 min per dog, so we where not a team. But we did really goo din the trials. Won a few first places, earned some titles.

Keevah did great in the farm trial. Qualified in all stock. We had some difficulties pushing the ducks up to the back fence, but all the rest was awesome. She worked so nice and calm, could be a little bit less pushy. We had some mistakes, but that was not her fault. Good dog, shame about the handler 😉

Keevah got a 5th place in ducks, 5th in sheep and 4th in cattle. Now training for advanced, in the farm trials and the arena trials.

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