WTCH Keevah

Last week there where ASCA trials and also ASCA MVA at the JJ Ranch, organised by DWAS.
We only competed in herding and Wylie also in conformation.

The first day we didn’t got enough points to earn that final leg toward Keevah her WTCH. But on Friday she was on top pf her game. She won the duck class with 108 points, also earning the high ducks ribbon. She got a 3rd in sheep and cattle, winning high combined WTCH and high combined non WTCH. I am really proud on Keevah.

Wylie ran FEO in herding. He did well, the first day was better then the second day. The boy is still young an needs more experience. But he did got the highest score on the first day for ducks and cattle, with the nice comment of the judge that he showed the nicest cattle run of the day. And the cows where very difficult.

Having this all said, the dogs had one more big disadvantage. I am having a lot of difficulties walking due to pain in my legs. So I could not be there and help them. They needed to work by there selves and adjust to my slow pace.