AHBA trials @ JJ Ranch with Wylie

After a long and good night of sleep it is time to brag about last weekend.

I did enter Wylie in the AHBA trials at the JJ Ranch. Initially I did only enter the Saturday, but since my trip this week didn’t go through, I decided to enter also on Sunday. And that was a good decision .
Wylie worked his ass of for me, but in a good and calm way. Entered 5 runs a day it was a lot but not too much. He qualified 10 out of 10 in the weekend, won both days the level 1 HTAD! First day he was the only one doing all three, so no high combined. But he did win high in trial level 1 and won a nice leash.
Second day he won high combined and high in trial level one. With two beautiful ribbons. The most great run was the sheep run in the arena with a score of 86 out of 90!

On the big field he did also well, but we need to work a bit more on those skills. Still, he qualified and made me proud. It wasn’t easy!

In the end, he won twice high in trial level 1, once high combined level 1, 7 fist places, 2 second places and 1 thirds place.
With a Q in all runs, he now earned his HTADIcds and HTDIds!

Videos will follow!