Sluip 2013-01-17 (16)
17 January 1996 – 22 March 2016
Female, spayed
Sluip is born in Gabon, Africa. She had a very big personality and was the boss over all the dogs.
Sluip lived a long life and was 20 years when she had to let her go. She had a big timer in her jaw, unable to eat proper she lost a lot of weight. We decided to put an end to it before she started to suffer.




22 September 1996 – 5 December 2011

Punker was my second cat, or actually 5th since she was born at our home and she was the last one. She was the one who we kept.
Punker was born in Gabon, Africa. Due to her cancer lumbs growing out of her body we decided to let her go. It was no a nice last time for her, but she had a wonderful life I guess.

Cato fan it Drentse Hiem

29 March 1998 – 16 March 2010

Sire: Youri fan it Drentse Hiem
Dam: Tessa fan it Drentse Hiem

March 16 2010: Today we had to let Cato go.
Cato had on Saturday morning March 13th some kind of stroke or brain damage.
After going to the vet several times it seemed to get better, but since Monday morning it went only worse.
She didn’t want to live anymore. She didn’t moved. The last 4 days she hardly moved or walked.

She was put down in our house and she is cremated.