WTCH Drovers Road Stockdog Ballet OFTDcds DNA-VP

“Keevah”DSC_3855A1 - kopie
DOB: 09 May 2014
Sex: Female, spayed
ASCA and FCI registered
COI: 6,63%
Height: 53 cm
Tail: NBT
Colour: Blue merle, white and copper
Hips: unofficial A
Elbows: unofficial normal
Back: unofficial normal
Eyes: Puppy test was clear
MDR1: Clear
HSF4: Clear
prcd-PRA: Clear
CEA: Clear
CMR1: Carrier
DM/SOD1: Clear
HUU: Clear
PLL: Clear
NCL: Clear
TNS: Clear
Cobalamin malabsorption/B12/IGS: Clear


Sire: Let’s Talk About dark Knight STDs GS-O JS-N DNA-VP “Knight”

Dam: Justus One Tuff Drover OTDc ATDds JS-E GS-E DNA-CP “Stella”

Breeder: Dorien Vogelaar

Keevah is out of my first litter. She is a very happy girl who loves to run and to play. She can be a little bit difficult to motivate for dogsports, but in herding she is all focus and ready to work.
I had no intentions of trialling Keevah on a young age, but I bought runs for Stella and she couldn’t run. So Keevah got to step in and try. And she did awesome. In her first trial in May 2015, she had 9 runs, qualified all 9 and had placements in all the runs. A total of 4 first places. This also makes that she has all her started titles. In July 2015 I trialed her in open and in open farm trial on cattle. She didn’t qualify all, about half of them. The stock was difficult but she made a huge progress in her confidence towards the cattle. All these runs, Q-ed yes or no, she got only first and seconds places. Then in September 2015 we tried to get the last Q-es for her open titles. Who she all earned with second places. Very proud on the girly. She has earned all her open titles and has one Q in all the open farm trials.
We used to train in agility but Keevah doesn’t think this is fun. We stopped agility and do bikejoring. She goes crazy when she knows we will go for a run. And weekly herding. She is a great chore dog, being able to do almost all the jobs. She got het WTCH in May 2018.

A video of Keevah training with cattle. March 2018.


2018 September
DWAS ASCA trial @ JJ Ranch the Netherlands. Keevah competed in the farm trial in the advanced class. Keevah took 1st in ducks with 121/130, 2nd in sheep with 120/130 and a 3rd in cattle with 108/130. She also won high combined price of the day. Wonderful price in a strong class.

2018 May
ASCA stockdog trial in the Netherlands. Winning high ducks, high combined and high combined non WTCH. Also earned her WTCH this trial.

2015 July
ASCA stockdog trial in Sweden. Winning high open and only earning 1st and 2nd places.

2015 May
ASCA stockdog trial in the Netherlands. Winning the started class on all stock.