Drovers Road Stockdog Ballet ATDcs OTDd OFTDcds DNA-VP

“Keevah”DSC_3855A1 - kopie
DOB: 09 May 2014
Sex: Female, spayed
ASCA and FCI registered
Height: 53 cm
Tail: NBT
Colour: Blue merle, white and copper
Hips: unofficial A
Elbows: unofficial normal
Back: unofficial normal
Eyes: Puppy test was clear
MDR1: +/+
HSF4: Free
prcd-PRA: Free
CEA: Free
CMR1: Carrier
DM/SOD1: Free
HUU: Free
PLL: Free
NCL: Free
TNS: Free


Sire: Let’s Talk About dark Knight STDs GS-O JS-N DNA-VP “Knight”

Dam: Justus One Tuff Drover OTDc ATDds JS-E GS-E DNA-CP “Stella”

Breeder: Dorien Vogelaar

Keevah is out of my first litter. She is a very happy girl who loves to run and to play. She can be a little bit difficult to motivate for dogsports, but in herding she is all focus and ready to work.
I had no intentions of trialling Keevah on a young age, but I bought runs for Stella and she couldn’t run. So Keevah got to step in and try. And she did awesome. In her first trial in May 2015, she had 9 runs, qualified all 9 and had placements in all the runs. A total of 4 first places. This also makes that she has all her started titles. In July 2015 I trialed her in open and in open farm trial on cattle. She didn’t qualify all, about half of them. The stock was difficult but she made a huge progress in her confidence towards the cattle. All these runs, Q-ed yes or no, she got only first and seconds places. Then in September 2015 we tried to get the last Q-es for her open titles. Who she all earned with second places. Very proud on the girly. She has earned all her open titles and has one Q in all the open farm trials.
We also train in agility. Here we work for more drive and speed before even thinking about trials.