I always have had cats. Since I was a little girl. I lived without cat’s for a little while but I missed them a lot. So in 2016 after having had no cat’s living with me for 4 months I went to the animal shelter and picked up two cat’s after e few visits. One escaped and ran away sadly. But one stayed. His name is Tommie.
In 2017 a small kitten was brought to the vet with her litter mates, they where found in the forest nearby. So I ended up with an other cat, named Birdie.

Tommie DOB: 01-02-2009
Tommie came from the animal shelter. He was 7 years when I got him. He doesn’t have a tail, no

teeth in his upper jaw and a big cut in his left ear. He sure has some history.
He seems to be very happy at my place and doesn’t really mind the dogs. Now and then he hits them to make sure his boundaries. He didn’t like Birdie in the beginning but now they are friends and play together.

DOB: 08-05-2017
Birdie came to me as an 12 week old kitten. Very cute, very curious and as small as she was, she walked between the 5 dogs like she never done something else. She is playful, can be very irritating by being in your face and loves sleeping in my lap.