WTCH Justus One Tuff Drover JS-E GS-E DNA-CP

DOB: 22 April 2010
Sex: Female, spayed
ASCA and FCI registered
COI: 3,1%
Height: 52 cm
Tail: NBT
Colour: Black, minimal white and copper
Hips: HD-A
Elbows: Free
Back: No abnormalities, not official
Eyes: clear until spring 2015
MDR1: Clear
HSF4: Clear
prcd-PRA: Clear
CEA: Clear
CMR1: Clear
DM: Clear
Cobalamin malabsorption/B12/IGS: Clear


Sire: Colorado’s Mighty Bluedigger DNA-CP “Digger”

Dam: Justus One Tuff Oreo OTDds STDc DNA-VP “Oreo”

Breeder: Marti Parrish, Marysville, USA

In June 2010 I went to America to pick up Stella. Stella’s father comes from the Old Woods line, one of the oldest lines. Her mother, as her grandmother, great grandmother etc. was bred by Marti Parrish, Stella’s breeder.
Stella is the aussie where I was dreaming of. When you are working with her, she is fabulous and she will do anything you ask. And if you take even more delicious treats, she will do anything to get it. She will play with a ball if you ask her, but it is not that easy as working with food. She has a really high drive. Very nice when working, but less when you have not that much time.
Stella injured herself herding cattle in the mud in January 2015. Since then we started detectionwrok/nosework and tracking. Stella is a star and very talented in both! Agility is no option anymore, what breaks my heart. We almost qualified for the 2015 WAO, getting a 7th place at the qualifications. Looking back she was all ready injured. So she did pretty well! We are doing bikejoring at the moment and a lot of walking. She loves both. Soon I hope to have my own ducks again so she can do some work, what she loves the most, herding.

During Stella her shoulder injury we started with nose work. Stella is the first dog in the Netherlands to earn her level 1 and 2 in nose work, scent imprint for dogs program!

Stella had her first litter in May 2014. She was bred to Let’s Talk About dark Knight OTDs DNA-VP. Stella gave birth to 9 pups, of which I kept one girl, Keevah, and a boy Scout in co-ownership. Arthur the first born came back to me in May 2017. All of them have their own page. Go to Dogs or to 2014 Litter to learn more about them. I did really wanted to breed her again but the timing was off and now she is too old.


October 2nd 2017
ASCA stockdog trial in the Netherlands. Earned her WTCH after her break from her injury. Also her retirement run. Since herding cattle it too hard on her leg/shoulder. We do train ducks at home still.

November 1st 2014
ASCA Agility pre-trial @ Nationals. Winning one elite jumpers and both novice regulars.

September 21st 2014
ASCA stockdog trial in the Netherlands. Winning high ducks advanced.

December 27th 2013
ASCA stockdog trial in the Netherlands. Winning high ducks and high sheep in open. Also winning high combined and high combined non WTCH.

May 27th 2012
ASCA stockdog trial in the Netherlands. Winning ducks in open.

August 17th 2011
ASCA stockdog trial in the Netherlands. Winning cattle and ducks in the started class and winning open sheep class.