Aussie titles:2012-05 (18)

There are a lot of tiles an dog can receive when competing in the ASCA program. Due to the fact an aussie is a versatile breed, there are lots of venue’s where then can compete.

Here is a list of all the titles, in case you don’t know the meaning.


RS-N = Regular Standard Novice
RS-O = Regular Standard Open
RS-E = Regular Standard Elite
RV-N = Regular Veterans Novice
RV-O = Regular Veterans Open
RV-E = Regular Veterans Elite
RJ-N = Regular Junior Novice
RJ-O = Regular Junior Open
RJ-E = Regular Junior Elite
JS-N = Jumpers Standard Novice
JS-O = Jumpers Standard Open
JS-E = Jumpers Standard Elite
JV-N = Jumpers Veterans Novice
JV-O = Jumpers Veterans Open
JV-E = Jumpers Veterans Elite
JJ-N = Jumpers Junior Novice
JJ-O = Jumpers Junior Open
JJ-E = Jumpers Junior Elite
GS-N = Gamblers Standard Novice
GS-O = Gamblers Standard Open
GS-E = Gamblers Standard Elite
GV-N = Gamblers Veterans Novice
GV-O = Gamblers Veterans Open
GV-E = Gamblers Veterans Elite
GJ-N = Gamblers Junior Novice
GJ-O = Gamblers Junior Open
GJ-E = Gamblers Junior Elite

Any of the above with an OP on the end (like GS-E-OP) means that title plus outstanding performance
Any of the above with an SP on the end (like GS-E-SP) means that title plus superior performance

ATCH = Agility Trial Champion
ATCH-OP = Outstanding Performance Agility Trial Champion
ATCH-SP = Superior Performance Agility Trial Champion

2014-10-22 (360)-1


STDd = Started Trial Dog ducks
STDs = Started Trial Dog sheep
STDc = Started Trial Dog cattle

OTDd = Open Trial Dog ducks
OTDs = Open Trial Dog sheep
OTDc = Open Trial Dog cattle
ATDd = Advanced Trial Dog ducks
ATDs = Advanced Trial Dog sheep
ATDc = Advanced Trial Dog cattle
WTCH = Working Trial Champion (Earned by achieving all three ATD Titles)

RD = Ranch Dog
RTDs = Ranch Trial Dog sheep
RTDc = Ranch Trial Dog cattle
PATDs = Post Advanced Trial Dog sheep
PATDs = Post Advanced Trial Dog cattle


CD = Companion Dog
CDX = Companion Dog Excellent
UD = Utility Dog
UDX = Utility Dog Excellent
OTCH = Obedience Trial Champion


Ch. = Champion
A-Ch. = Altered Champion (spayed or neutered)



TD = Tracking Dog
TDX = Tracking Dog Excellent


HOF = Hall of Fame (reserved for sires, dams and kennels having achieved a certain number and combination of titles through ASCA)
VCH = Versatility Champion
SVCH = Supreme Versatility Champion
PCH = Performance Champion
SPCH = Supreme Performance Champion
DNA-CP = DNA, Certified Parentage. Dog has been DNA profiled, but only one or neither parent has been.
DNA-VP = DNA, Verified Parentage. Dog has been DNA profiled, plus both parents, thus verifying the parentage of the dog.