I’m Dorien, a young woman living in the north-eastern part of the Netherlands. I was introduced to the aussies in 2007 when Blizz came in to my life. Since then I am hooked on aussies and on herding. Blizz is my first off almost everything. She opened my eyes.

Since I was a child I had a love for animals. But because we’ve moved a lot, we never had the chance of having animals. I come out of an expat family. This changed when I did stand in the door with a little kitten in my hands. Way to small to be away from her mother. We had found the nest, this was in Africa and there they had the chance of being the meal for a snake, so we’ve took them. There were four of them, we’ve split them along friends and I had the only tortie colored girl. I was just 8 years at this time. This beautiful cat lived for 20+ years with us.

When we came back to the Netherlands Cato came into our life. Our first family dog. I was just 10 years old. I did a lot with Cato, training, walking and cuddling. Sadly Cato isn’t with us any more.

In 2012 I graduated my study homeopathy for animals at the school for homeopathy. My purpose is to start my one practice one day.

I used to teach agility and herding, but combined with a full time job it is hard. I trial in herding. In ASCA and AHBA.