A page for Wylie his offspring.

All possible matches for Wylie have to be free of B12/IGS/Cobalamin malabsorption. I will only accept this test result from PennGen or Animalabs. The test of VHL and Certain is not reliable! For more info write me.

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His first litter:
Wylie x Oyama
Pups born 17th April.

Little Blue River’s Oyama – Oona  STD ds

DoB.: 27-07-2014
Colour: Black and white
Tail: Long
Height: 51 cm
Teeth: P2 missing, bottom right and left
ED: 0/0
Eye test: cleared 1.3.2017
MDR1: Clear
HSF4: Clear
CEA: Clear
PRA: Clear
DM: Clear
NCL: Clear
MH: Clear
CMR1: Clear
B12/IGS: Clear

These are born in Switzerland. All pups are clear of MDR1, HSF4, CEA, PRA, DM and NCL. Possible carriers of B12/IGS/Cobalamin malabsorption. 4 pups are carrier of B12/IGS/Cobalamin malabsorption.
For more info go to: https://www.cheroots-country.com/wurfplanung or email info@cheroots-country.com

For more info go the the litter page: 2018 Wylie x Oyama
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