ASCA High Plains Long Rd to Drover
CKC/FCI Highplains Fast and Furry ous


DOB: 18 May 2016
Sex: Male
ASCA and CKC/FCI registered
COI: 6,86%
Height: 55-56 cm, not officially meseured
Tail: Long
Colour: Blue merle, minimal white and copper
Hips: HD A, norbergwaarde 35
Elbows: Free
Eyes: ECVO clear till dec 2018
MDR1: Clear, by parantage and tested
HSF4: Clear
prcd-PRA: Clear
CEA: Clear
CMR1: Clear
DM: Clear
HUU: Clear
PLL: Clear
NCL: Clear
TNS: Clear
Cobalamin malabsorption/B12/IGS: Carrier


Wylie his offspring

Sire: Silverledge Night Rider DNA-VP, CD, RNX “Bear”

Dam:  Sakonnet Gypsy Boots DNA-VP “Rhodie”

Wylie will be standing stud to a select number of females. Note that all females have to be clear of B12/IGS/Cobalamin malabsorption! Not al laboratories provide a correct test for the aussie, please contact me or CA Sharp if you are looking to do this test.

Wylie’s dad Bear carries a lot of Woods from Reddy Teddy and a lot of the old J Bar D blood. Very assertive on stock, really wants to please, easy to live with.  Wylie’s mom Rhodie also carries the Woods blood through Silverledge.  Due to an injury, her stock work has delayed, but she will begin training in the Fall of 2016.  She is high drive and intense, but has a great sense of humour. Both his parents are a one man dog.

I went to Canada end of August 2016 to pick Wylie up. I was also able to meet his dam, his two brothers and a sister.  We took all of them sheepherding. Wylie is a social butterfly, he loves all and everything. He is very open, very social and very stable guy. His nick name is Wylie smiley. That says enough.
Wylie has been started on stock, sheep and cattle. He needs more practice with cattle, he only saw them two weekends. On sheep his is making really good progress and learning how to present him self calmly to the sheep. He seldom bites sheep, when they try to buck him he just stays and gives pressure. Almost always without a bite or a bark. With cattle he was quite calm from the beginning. Started in a drive right away from the start. He did started barking, probably because he needed some more confidence. He started to heel, no more barking there, just at the heads. In spring of 2018 we will give him an introduction on ducks as well. I will also trial him in 2018 and we will be at the ASCA Nationals in Colorado.
We also train tricks and have started basics for agility. But all very slow and easy to make sure he gets the time to grow and mature. He is still a big baby in his head.

A video of Wylie training with cattle. March 2018


May 16 + 18 2018
ASCA stockdog trial in the Netherlands. His first trail. We did run FEO. But he had beautiful scores and was complimented the first day of having the nicest cattle run of the day. My big baby boy <3

Some photo’s of Wylie

Wylie his parents